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The Olympus Atlas foot locker & bench combination unit can be designed and configured in any size. The unit is built so that any locker style will securely attach to the top of the unit. The finished product provides a sturdy bench seating area and plenty of gear storage for team sports, law enforcement and fire facilities.

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Body: 16 gauge cold rolled mild steel, (Optional) 14 gauge

Hinges: Continuous hinge supporting bench seat

Interior: 16 gauge steel divider panel welded inside the box prevents stored items from being pushed to the back of unit. (Optional) 14 gauge.

Finish: 2-3 mil thick powder coat. Matching interior and exterior color

Seating: Choose from traditional maple butcher block or plastic laminate over MDF and hardwood

Sizes and Colors

Standard Available Sizes:

Unit height should provide an 18" seating height. width and depth manufactured according to the style and size of lockers to be used



Material: All parts to be made from prime grade mild cold rolled sheet steel (unless indicated otherwise) free from surface imperfections and capable of taking on a powder coat finish


Finish: Steel shall be cleaned with phosphatizing and metal preparation process. Finish coat shall be baked on powder coat enamel with 2-3 mil minimum of thickness. Color to be selected from manufacturers standard offering. All lockers are painted inside and out with the same color


Construction: All body components of the footlocker bench seat base unit to be welded construction. Units will be built in banks according to job site conditions and will share common back, bottom, top, intermediate, and front body components. each unit will have its own bench seat and hinge assembly. If footlocker bench seat base unit is deeper than 24", a 16 gauge steel, full height and width internal divider will be welded inside the storage area. Please note any steel body component can be fabricated from 14 gauge steel in lieu of 16 gauge steel.


Bench Seat: Seats to be plastic laminate (color selected by architect) adhered to the following core material: 1-3/16" MDF to be used except at the back of bench seat where 2" deep by full width hardwood will be used providing maximum screw holding strength. Seat edge will be fully surrounded on all four sides with 3 mm laminate edge material (color selected by architect). Seat will provide a 1" overhang from footlocker bench seat base unit front.

Seat Hinge: Hinge to be 16 gauge stainless steel, full width of seat. Seat to be attached to hinge via security screws requiring special special tooling for removal. Hinge allows seat to be lifted to 90 degree angle for storage space access.

Latch Mechanism: Padlock hasp to be assembled to footlocker bench seat base unit front and seat bottom to accept padlock. 

Top: 16 gauge cold rolled mild steel, (optional): gavannealed steel or stainless steel. In addition to unit top, a 1", 16 gauge channel with single return flange shall be welded to the unit top, from back to front at intervals matching the locker width. Channel used for attaching lockers to the unit top.

Bottom: 16 gauge cold rolled mild steel, (optional): gavannealed steel or stainless steel.

Backs: 16 gauge cold rolled mild steel, (optional): gavannealed steel or stainless steel. 

Fronts: 16 gauge cold rolled mild steel, (optional): gavannealed steel or stainless steel. Front to have 1" return flange at the top, providing additional bench seat support.

Interior Divider: 16 gauge steel vertical divider to be welded to inside of footlocker compartment to prevent stored items from being pushed to back of unit (items may be too difficult to reach otherwise)

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