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The Olympus Standard Knocked-Down locker is perfect for educational and business facilities requiring durable lockers at an economical cost. With high quality steel, precision manufactured parts and the industry's toughest paint finish, these lockers are made to provide years of service at a cost you can afford.

Pipestone Middle School

Pipestone, MN

Arlington Sibley East

Arlington, MN

SW Christian HS

Chaska, MN


Frame: 16 gauge cold rolled mild steel (Welded)


Doors: 16 gauge cold rolled mild steel

Available with standard louvers, solid door face or mini louver venting


Body: 24 gauge cold rolled mild steel: backs, and sides

24 gauge cold rolled mild steel: Shelves, bottoms, tops, and tier dividers. (Optional) 16 gauge


Hinges: 14 gauge 2" 5-knuckle

Latch: 3-point recessed gravity finger lift or single point latch mechanism

Finish: 2-3 mil thick powder coat. Matching interior and exterior color

Sizes and Colors

Standard Available Sizes:

Width               Depth                    Overall Height

12"                    12"                         36" (Single Tier)

15"                    15"                         48" (Single Tier)

18"                    18"                         60" (1-5 Tiers)

21"                    21"                         72"

24"                    24"                         72"

Other Sizes and Configurations are Available Upon Request

COLOR CHART - 2022[74733].png


Material: All parts to be made from prime grade mild cold rolled sheet steel (unless indicated otherwise) free from surface imperfections and capable of taking on a powder coat finish


Finish: Steel shall be cleaned with phosphatizing and metal preparation process. Finish coat shall be baked on powder coat enamel with 2-3 mil minimum of thickness. Color to be selected from manufacturers standard offering. All lockers are painted inside and out with the same color


Construction: Each unit is a knocked-down unit type and have individual door and frame, top, bottom, back and shelves, with common intermediate uprights separating each unit.


Door Frame: All frames are 16 gauge formed channel shapes, welded together to form continuous vertical door strikes. Cross frame members, including intermediate cross frame members on two and three tier lockers, shall be securely welded to the vertical frame members.

Doors: All doors are formed from one piece of 16 gauge steel with a single return at the top and bottom, double return on the sides to form a channel. The channel is sufficient to fully conceal the lock bar. Lockers over 15" wide have an 18 gauge steel, welded, full height channel door stiffener.

Vents: Lockers 36" and higher have 2 sets of louvers, one set at the top of the door and one set at the bottom of the door. Lockers with doors 30" or less shall have a minimum of one set of louvers. (other venting options are available)

Latch: Provide handles recessed in door with finger lift control. Latch system contains a lock bar installed inside the formed channel of the door. For doors 42" high or greater, lock bar secures door closed via contact with 3 heavy gauge steel latch hooks. Doors that are less than 42" utilize 2 latch hooks. Latch hooks shall be securely welded to the vertical frame channel. Nylon guides and clips prevent metal to metal contact for a quieter operation. Lock bar shall connect to 14 gauge steel lift piece with one secure retaining lug and one rivet, assuring positive 2 point connection. The exposed portion of the finger lift shall be encased in molded ABS thermoplastic to prevent metal to metal contact. Latch system shall accept either a padlock or built-in combination style lock. Box Lockers are equipped with a single point style latch if it is 4 tiers and above.

(Optional) Single point latch is optional on all lockers. An 11 gauge steel hook shall be securely welded to the vertical frame member. Frame hook will have a padlock hasp that protrudes through the stainless steel recessed handle. The frame hook shall be designed to accept the Masterlock 1690 built-in combination lock. 

Body: Backs and sides are made out of 24 gauge and top, bottom, and shelves are made out of 24 gauge cold rolled mild steel that is specifically formed for added strength. Front edge of the shelf has a double return flange. Front edge of top, bottom, and intermediate dividers are fastened to horizontal frame members.

(Optional) 16 gauge cold rolled mild steel top, bottoms, shelves, and tier dividers.

Hinges: Not less than 2" long 14 gauge, 5 knuckle, full loop hinge securely welded to the frame and riveted to the flange inside of the door. Doors over 42" high shall have 3 hinges, doors less than 42" have 2.

(optional) 16 gauge steel continuous piano hinge.

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