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The Olympus Olympian open athletic locker is available in a knocked-down, uni-body welded, or angle iron framed version. This gives designers of athletic team environments the ultimate flexibility to provide a durable locker that can meet any team's needs.

Concordia College Riverside Wrestling Facility

Moorhead, MN

Wayzata High School

Hockey Lockers

Plymouth, MN


Frame: Standard All-Welded, optional: Knocked-Down, both have a 16 gauge steel frame

Internal angle iron option utilizes 1"x1"x1/8" internal angle iron encapsulated in the 16 gauge steel frame.

Body: 16 gauge steel top, bottom, and shelves

16 gauge steel sides (solid or perforated)

(Optional) internal angle iron at perimeter of locker frame

Finish: 2-3 mil thick powder coat. Matching interior and exterior color

Sizes and Colors

Standard Available Sizes:

Width               Depth                    Overall Height

18"                    18"                         60" 

21"                    21"                         72" 

24"                    24"                         72" 

30"                    30"                         72"

36"                    36"                         72"

Other Sizes and Configurations are Available Upon Request

COLOR CHART - 2022[74733].png


Material: All parts to be made from prime grade mild cold rolled sheet steel (unless indicated otherwise) free from surface imperfections and capable of taking on a powder coat finish


Finish: Steel shall be cleaned with phosphatizing and metal preparation process. Finish coat shall be baked on powder coat enamel with 2-3 mil minimum of thickness. Color to be selected from manufacturers standard offering. All lockers are painted inside and out with the same color


Construction: Units are available as either all-welded or knocked-down


Frame: All frames to be 16 gauge formed channel shapes, welded together to form a square rigid assembly.

Optional: 1"x1"x1/8" internal angle iron encapsulated in the frame.

Security Lock Box (Optional): All doors to be formed from one piece of 14 gauge steel with a return at the the top and bottom, and a double return on the sides to form a channel.

Foot Locker (Optional): 14 gauge steel top and front panel. The top panel will act as a seat and can swing open for access to the foot locker. Foot locker top will be attached to the locker by using a 16 gauge continuous hinge.

Vents: Side panels and vertical intermediate panels shall b vented with diamond perforations. The front of the foot locker will have mini louvers.

Latch: Single point latch is provided on all lockers. An 11 gauge steel hook shall be securely welded to the vertical frame member. Frame hook will have a padlock hasp that protrudes through the stainless steel recessed handle. The frame hook shall be designed to accept the Masterlock 1690 built-in combination lock. 

Body: All locker body components shall be made of 16 gauge cold rolled mild steel, specifically formed for added strength and rigidity. the front edge of the shelf shall have a double return flange. The front edge of the top, bottom, and intermediate tier dividers shall be fastened to horizontal frame members

Optional: 1"x1"x1/8" internal angle iron encapsulated in the body of the locker.

Accessories: Each locker will come standard with a coat rod and two single back hooks.

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