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The Olympus Titan Gear Locker provides essentials necessary for public service personnel. The internal compartments and options can be arranged according to your needs. Whether you need electrical knock-outs for electronic gear, helmet storage space, or ventilated compartments the Titan Gear Locker will meet your needs.

Inver Grove Heights Public Works

Inver Grove Heights, MN

Minnehaha County Jail

Sioux Falls, SD


Frame: 16 gauge cold rolled mild steel, welded


Doors: 14 gauge cold rolled mild steel

available with standard louvers, solid door face or mini louver venting.


Body: 16 gauge cold rolled mild steel shelves, bottoms/tier dividers, tops, backs, and sides

Available in all-welded or knocked-down construction with multiple shelf and internal divider configuration options


Hinges: 16 gauge full height continuous hinge

Latch: 3-point cremone style turn handle

Finish: 2-3 mil thick powder coat. Matching interior and exterior color

Sizes and Colors

Standard Available Sizes:

Width               Depth                    Overall Height

18"                    18"                         60" 

21"                    21"                         72" 

24"                    24"                         72" 

36"                    36"                         72"

Other Sizes and Configurations are Available Upon Request

COLOR CHART - 2022[74733].png


Material: All parts to be made from prime grade mild cold rolled sheet steel (unless indicated otherwise) free from surface imperfections and capable of taking on a powder coat finish


Finish: Steel shall be cleaned with phosphatizing and metal preparation process. Finish coat shall be baked on powder coat enamel with 2-3 mil minimum of thickness. Color to be selected from manufacturers standard offering. All lockers are painted inside and out with the same color


Construction: Available in either welded uni-body construction (WU) or knocked-down (KD)

Each locker to be (WU) unit type sharing common tops, backs and bottoms welded into multiple locker banks depending on the project requirements and conditions.  OR (KD) unit type and to have individual frame, top, bottom, back, and shelves with common intermediate uprights separating units.

(WU) body components are welded together to form one piece rigid construction. (KD) locker components are mechanically fastened together using aluminum/stainless rivets or locking nuts and bolts. (optional): 14 gauge


Frame: (KD) & (WU) all frame members to be 16 gauge formed channel shapes. 16 gauge top and bottom cross frame members to be welded to vertical frame members to form a square rigid assembly. (WU) Frame member channels shall form continuous door strikes on all 4 sides. Lockers without 4-sided door strike are not acceptable.

Steel type: Cold rolled mild steel, (optional): 14 gauge or 304 stainless

Top: this is the locker body top, not an accessory top such as slope top or boxed top. 16 gauge steel. Top can be ventilated wth perforations or louvers. electrical conduit knock-out is also available. Steel type: cold rolled mild steel  (optional): 14 gauge or 304 stainless

Bottom: 16 gauge steel with right angle return flange on all four sides. Steel type:  cold rolled mild steel (optional): 14 gauge or 304 stainless 

Shelves: 16 gauge steel shelves with right angle return flange on all four sides. An additional right angle return on the front horizontal edge. Steel type: cold rolled mild steel

 (optional) 14 gauge, or 304 stainless steel

Sides: 16 gauge steel backs shall have right angle flange returns on both vertical edges to provide strength, rigidity and an assembly attachment point (KD). Electrical conduit knock-out available. Steel type: cold rolled mild steel, (optional): 304 stainless

Backs: 16 gauge steel backs shal have right angle flange returns on both vertical edges to provide strength, rigiditiy an an assembly attachment point (KD). Electrical conduit knock-out is available. Steel Type: Cold rolled mild steel, (optional): Galvannealed or 304 stainless

Doors: Optional in any configuration

(KD) & (WU) all doors to be formed from one piece of 14 gauge steel with a single return on top and bottom along with a double return on vertical sides to form a channel. Channel shall be sufficient size to fully conceal lock bar. Face of doors to be solid panel or vented with diamond punched perforations, louvers, or mini louvers, except where door stiffener is welded to the back side. All lockers shal include an 18 gauge steel, full height channel door stiffener welded to the inside of door face. Double doors are available on lockers 24" and greater. Configuration shall consist of one door secured it's full length by the opposite side door when latched.

(Optional): 18 gauge steel, 2/3 height and 1/3 width door panel welded to inner face of door frame, creating a box construction. Panel to be perforated with 3/16 peg-board style holes. Hooks for peg board supplied by others. Steel type: cold rolled steel, (optional): galvannealed or stainless steel.

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